Monday, June 3, 2013

Normal Life Stressors

Hi everyone,

It has been a while and I apologize for that.  Life has been crazy busy, in a good way.  But sometimes when you are super busy and get stressed out it can bring the panic attacks back up again.  I have been having several attacks per day lately and as much as I want to be frustrated and angry about it, it is important to remember that this is completely normal and is bound to happen in times of stress and when you are super busy.  I just keep in mind that 2 minutes of anxiety every once in a while is okay, I can handle it and try to continue to do what I was doing.

Your attitude towards these periods of stress and anxiety is so important.  If you have a panic attack after a panic-free period and think to yourself "Oh no.  It's happening again.  I thought I was done with this!  Why is it happening again?  This is not fair.  I hate my life" etc....I guarantee that it will take you longer to get back to normal.  Do your best to remember that, if you are a panic attack sufferer, it never completely goes away.  It will be with you forever.  You are not curing yourself, you are learning to accept and live with the panic attacks.  And while this acceptance will probably make them go away for extended periods of time, there is a definite possibility that you will experience them again while you are really stressed out or busy.  And that is normal.  And that is okay.  The panic attacks will not hurt you.  It does not mean that you are spiraling out of control.  Use it as a time to practice the CBT skills that you have learned. 

Positive attitude is everything. 


  1. I am loosing the battle with panic had ocd agoraphobia and hypochondria..and I am really against medicine. I really want to start CBT but am having a hard time actually finding someone covered by my insurance to do it. I end up just going to a therapist and we just talk about things. Do you have any suggestions to find CBT? I love your blog btw, its so hard for me to just believe its anxiety and not something wrong with me.

  2. Hey Cheyenne. I'm really sorry to hear that you are having trouble with some anxiety disorders. I agree that it doesn't really help to go to a therapist and just talk about "stuff". You really need someone trained to treat anxiety disorders using CBT. There are a few anxiety treatment centers around the country if you search on google, not sure if something like that would be covered by your insurance.

    If you want to try to do the CBT yourself, you can follow some of the advice that I have on my blog and just email me when questions come up or if it seems really hard and you need encouragement. Seriously the hardest part for me was to accept that there was nothing actually wrong with me.

    You just have to make the decision that you would rather assume it is just anxiety and live your life normally, and take the small risk that it is actually a real disease. I made that decision for myself. I would rather enjoy my life with a risk that I could pass out or go into cardiac arrest than live in the constant fear and pain and loneliness that is panic disorder. Every time I have a panic attack I think to myself, I could actually be dying right now but I am going to assume this is anxiety and continue on with my life. And after doing this enough times (and actually believing it, not just pretending to believe it), my panic attacks have basically stopped. Like I literally don't remember the last time I had one.

    Anyway please feel free to email me if you need any help, I am here and have been through it all!!!

  3. Hello I was wondering if you could possibly email me I was on google searching and I came across this..I don't get on account very often so if you could please email me asap. Thanks :)

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